WinEdt Dictionaries

WinEdt uses dictionaries to highlight misspelled words as they are being typed (optional) as well as for compilation of possible word completion(s) and the list of suggestions for misspelled words. WinEdt's Dictionary manager allows users to configure WinEdt for more than one dictionary. Environments that should not be subject to spell checking can be excluded...

You should read the Help in WinEdt's Dictionary Manager Dialog for more information on installing additional dictionaries and setting the numerous available options for your needs. For users of WinEdt 6 and above, the macro InstallDict.edt will ease installation of new dictionaries.

Note that there are now two versions of each dictionary: "ASCII" for WinEdt versions 5.x and 6, and "UNICODE" for WinEdt 7 and above. Make sure to download the right one.


The table below lists all available dictionaries (word lists), linking to the /systems/win32/winedt/dict directory on a CTAN mirror near you. The sizes of dictionaries below refer to the zipped archive. The actual size of the word lists is approximately three or four times larger. Each dictionary is accompanied by a short text (TXT) file describing the relevant information pertaining to that dictionary's creation and installation instructions. You should read this file before downloading and installing the associated dictionary.

Dictionary Last changed Download Info
Afrikaans 26/10/1998 ASCII [511 KB] UNICODE [614 KB] TXT
Belarusian * 16/06/2006 ASCII [2436 KB] UNICODE [2830 KB] TXT
Bulgarian * 22/10/2007 ASCII [411 KB] UNICODE [483 KB] TXT
Catalan 20/01/2002 ASCII [818 KB] UNICODE [944 KB] TXT
Croatian 20/01/2002 ASCII [113 KB] UNICODE [133 KB] TXT
Czech 07/11/2002 ASCII [1108 KB] UNICODE [1311 KB] TXT
Danish 26/10/1998 ASCII [1125 KB] UNICODE [1358 KB] TXT
Dutch 20/08/2002 ASCII [870 KB] UNICODE [1052 KB] TXT
English (UK+US) 03/03/2000 ASCII [568 KB] - TXT
English (UK) 30/06/1998 ASCII [538 KB] - TXT
English (US) 30/06/1998 ASCII [421 KB] - TXT
French * 07/05/2010 ASCII [858 KB] UNICODE [1158 KB] TXT
German (new sp) 06/01/2005 ASCII [2038 KB] UNICODE [2439 KB] TXT
German (old+new sp) 10/05/1999 ASCII [1135 KB] UNICODE [1328 KB] TXT
German (CH, old+new sp) 21/07/2000 ASCII [1127 KB] UNICODE [1319 KB] TXT
Greek * 03/10/2008 ASCII [1762 KB] - TXT
Greek (small) 12/06/2003 ASCII [414 KB] UNICODE [2089 KB] TXT
Hungarian * 03/12/2003 ASCII [1171 KB] UNICODE [1412 KB] TXT
Italian * 19/06/2012 ASCII [1751 KB] UNICODE [2007 KB] TXT
Latin 15/11/2005 ASCII [3090 KB] UNICODE [3640 KB] TXT
Mongolian * 23/03/2008 ASCII [5905 KB] UNICODE [7059 KB] TXT
Polish (huge) 10/06/2005 ASCII [8645 KB] UNICODE [10471 KB] TXT
Polish (large) 15/01/1999 ASCII [1389 KB] UNICODE [1683 KB] TXT
Polish (small) * 24/05/1999 ASCII [491 KB] - TXT
Polish (additional) * 16/01/2001 ASCII [164 KB] - -
Portuguese 21/07/2000 ASCII [1042 KB] UNICODE [1196 KB] TXT
Portuguese (BR) 27/04/2000 ASCII [715 KB] UNICODE [814 KB] TXT
Portuguese (new sp) * 29/03/2012 ASCII [2950 KB] UNICODE [3412 KB] TXT
Romanian 15/10/2005 ASCII [121 KB] UNICODE [142 KB] TXT
Romanian (large) * 18/02/2013 - UNICODE [3949 KB] -
Russian (large) * 18/02/2013 ASCII [1384 KB] UNICODE [1745 KB] TXT
Russian (small) * 24/05/1999 ASCII [517 KB] - TXT
Serbian * 25/09/2012 ASCII [468 KB] UNICODE [621 KB] TXT
Slovak 20/01/2002 ASCII [121 KB] UNICODE [144 KB] TXT
Slovenian 24/02/1999 ASCII [533 KB] UNICODE [611 KB] TXT
Spanish 30/06/1998 ASCII [683 KB] UNICODE [793 KB] TXT
Swedish 05/10/1998 ASCII [392 KB] UNICODE [464 KB] TXT
Ukrainian 17/04/2001 ASCII [852 KB] UNICODE [992 KB] TXT

Dictionaries marked by (*), and all Unicode dictionaries, are currently not uploaded to CTAN and are available only from WinEdt's server.

The English (UK+US) dictionary consists of more .dic files to allow for different spelling conventions. The older, simpler dictionaries English (UK) and English (US) are available for those users who prefer a straightforward setup and don't want to make any choices ...

While the German (old+new sp) dictionary and its Swiss variant German (CH, old+new sp) contain two word lists for the new and the old spelling respectively, the much larger German (new sp) dictionary only contains words according to the new (1996) German spelling rules.

Some word lists are rather large and on a slow or low-resource computer they may affect the performance of WinEdt. Therefore, some alternative (smaller) word lists are also provided (for Russian and Polish).

External spell checkers

Since WinEdt can interface to any application, it is also possible to use an external spell checker with WinEdt.


Hspell is a free Hebrew spell checker. In addition, the project has also produced a Hebrew morphological analyzer, which for every valid Hebrew word lists all of its possible readings (valid combinations of prefix and inflected base word).

The project's site is at, where it can also be downloaded. Hspell requires a cygwin system.


New contributions are welcome! If you've compiled a word list that is currently not available and you would like to share it with others, you can upload it to and let me know:

Corrections or additions for existing dictionaries should be directed to the respective maintainer. Home  |   Help & Documentation  |   Dictionaries  |   Macro Library  |   Configuration Components  |   Plug-Ins & Add-Ons