GUI addition



This package creates 8 icons in the "GUI Page Control" International. See the screenshot for an illustration.

These Icons are shortcuts for German, English and French quotation marks in LaTEX (e.g. {\glqq} for the German 'Anführungszeichen').

If your "GUI Page Control" is not shown, click on Options | Appearance. In the new window, click on the tab Tool Bar and check Show GUI Page Control. If you need a quotation mark in your TEX document just click on the icon in the International page at the right end.


  • Extract the zip file to your WinEdt directory %b\bitmaps\GUI\, which will create a new subdirectory IntQuotation.
  • For WinEdt 5.4 or older:
    • Start WinEdt and run (Ctrl+F9) the Macro Install_IntQuotation.edt
    • Restart WinEdt if you are asked, because WinEdt loads the modified file WinEdt.gui just at start.
  • For WinEdt 5.5 or 5.6:
    • Go to Options | Advanced | GUI-Page
    • Copy the contents of the file IntQuotation.ini (included in the archive) to the end of GUI.ini (just before [END])
    • Go to Options | Advanced | Load....


GUI addition contributed by Marc Otto <>,
adapted for WinEdt 5.5 by Simon Speer <>.

  GUI addition