Bookmarks (popup menu)

This is a slightly different version of the Bookmarks popup menu, that is included in the default setup of WinEdt 5.3.


This popup menu lets you use WinEdt's new bookmark feature efficiently.

It adds a (invisible) popup menu to your WinEdt, that contains the following commands (with shortcuts):

Installation Instructions

To add this popup menu, go to Options | Menu Setup | Popup Menus, click on "Append..." (the rightmost button) and choose the file Bookmarks.dat.

You might prefer to have the menu visible. Note that if you do so, most of the shortcuts are different (this is a Windows issue). When a popup menu is made visible the shortcuts are determined by the underlined letters. You can accustom which letter should be underlined and thus become a shortcut by putting a "&" before it (e.g. "&Set Next Bookmark").

The item "List Bookmarks" (ALT - + ALT - L) will show a list of all bookmarks. You can either select a bookmark using the cursors or using the mouse. If you press Enter it will bring you to the chosen bookmark and close. If you double-click a bookmark it will not close (I found this handy to browse through the file). If you want it to close on double-click, too, you have to edit the macro for "&List Bookmarks" (in Options | Menu Setup | Popup Menus | Bookmarks): find the words (right at the end):


and change it to




and the macro


Menu contributed Robert <>