Russian localization

Russian menus


This package contains Russian localization for:

  • Main Menu items (for default Main Menu),
  • subsystem's Main Menu items (*TeX, ASCII, HTML),
  • Configuration Wizard pages,
  • editable dialogs in macros and MUI,
  • WinEdt messages in .log-files,
  • some dialogs from the WinShell folder,
  • Tree branches and Gather pages (experimental support, affect macros which use the GDIPopup function).

The translation is based on Main menu extraction and macros from WinEdt 5.5.20070921 (identical with version 5.5.20071003). There are no changes in the functionality of the macros (only translation of dialogs).


There is special macro for performing the localization task. See the detailed description of installation steps in readme.rus.

This is beta-version, so it's recommended to make a backup copy of your settings (Options | Maintenance | Backup...) and save all files from WinEdt User Profile and WinEdt installation folders.

Beware that this localization package will overwrite all menus and restore the default menu layout of WinEdt 5.5 (albeit in Russian ...). That is, any menu customizations are lost and you would have to add them once again. Also, you are strongly advised not to use these menus with any other WinEdt version than 5.5.


If you find any misspellings or inaccuracies in the Russian translation, feel free to write to the author by e-mail with "[WinEdt localization]" in the Subject.

Localization contributed by Andrey N. Kuznetsov <>