This package adds dynamic highlighting and word completion to EDT mode to write WinEdt macros.

It will gather all user-defined Local Registers from the current file (or all opened files, or the tree), highlight them, and make them available for word completion.

The list of Local Registers will automatically be updated when you Assign a new one. You can also use the menu entry Tools | Update Dynamic Keywords.

Here's a sample file. Note that registers that are assigned in the file (or in another open file) will appear in normal face, while those that are used only (EDT_update in the sample file) will appear in bold-face.

The package also adds a menu entry Set Tree to the Macro menu, which will set the Tree, following all Exe() macros.

When used with WinEdt 5.4 (at least build 20041213), it will also highlight and complete :labels::. Furthermore, it will build a tree branch with all labels in the current file.


To install dynamic highlighting for EDT Mode,

  • extract the zip file to the folder %b\Config\EDT\
    (%b is WinEdt's user configuration directory, e.g.:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\WinEdt)
  • and execute the macro _install_EDT.edt (Macro | Execute Macro...).

After installation, you have to restart WinEdt for the changes to become effective.
You can then open a macro file of your choice, choose the menu item Tools | Update Dynamic Keywords and watch all local registers get highlighted.

If you are upgrading this package, you can simply install it over the old version.

Download [12 KB]

This mode requires the macro packages: (version 1.4) and
which both have to be saved in %b\Macros\macro (preferably) or in %B\Macros\macro.

Mode contributed by Robert <>