Mail Mode

This package will a set up a mode for editing emails or usenet-postings.

It contains of:

  1. Mode Settings
  2. Highlighting
  3. Menus (Popup / Main)

Mode Settings

If you install the Mail mode, files with the extensions .eml and .mail will automatically be recognized as mails. You can add further extensions (in Options | Preferences | Modes).


The highlighted items are:

  • > Quotes (max. 4 different levels)
  • *emphasis*
  • underline
  • <links>
  • -- signatures
  • Header keywords:

The sample file will show you more (colours might be different on your system).


You can choose between a normal menu, and a popup menu.

The Mail menus contains the following commands:

  • Add Quote Level
  • Remove Quote Level
  • Paste As Quote
    This will paste the contents of the clipboard and precede all lines with ">".
  • Paste As Quotation
    This will paste the contents of the clipboard, enclose it with lines, and add a title field (for quotations from other sources).
  • Rewrap
    This will rewrap the selected paragraphs or the complete mail.


You can set the right margin to which mails should be rewrapped, at the beginning of the macro file Mail_rewrap.edt (by default, it's 72).
You can also easily set the way, how pasted text should be formatted, at the beginning of the macro file Mail_paste.edt.


The downloaded ZIP file should be extracted in %b\Config\Mail, where %b usually means:

on Windows 95/98/Me, or on Windows NT/2000/XP working as Administrator or in single user mode:
C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt
on Windows NT/2000/XP working as an ordinary user:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\WinEdt, or
C:\WinNT\Profiles\<username>\Application Data\WinEdt

After you've extracted the files, execute the macro _install_Mail.edt by choosing Macros | Execute Macro...

Download [9 KB]

Highlighting settings contributed by Robert <>