Stata Mode

[The Stata mode for WinEdt 5 is available here.]

The Stata-support package adds functionality to run Stata syntax from within WinEdt.

Functionality included

  • Added Stata mode (for .do and .ado files) within WinEdt;
  • Highlighting of your Stata syntax, which is very similar to the native Stata DO file editor;
  • Open Stata program from within WinEdt;
  • DO selection of syntax;
  • DO whole syntax file;
  • Run your syntax with an option to automatically return to the WinEdt window after running the syntax or decide to stay in Stata;
  • Hard-coded and tested in Windows XP and Windows 7 for Stata versions: STATA/SE 9.2, STATA/MP 11.2, and Stata/IC 13, but basically independent of your Stata version (through some easy and friendly dialog-input). Therefore, this package is also expected to work for future releases of Stata.


Open the Install.edt file in WinEdt. Press Shift+Ctrl+F9 (Macros | Execute current macro).

The macro will install Stata support for WinEdt.

After a successful installation you will have a Stata-support menu-item in your main menu and a dropdown button on the toolbar. The Stata-support installation adds new Stata-related sections to the highlighting options in the Options Interface (Switches.ini, Keywords.ini, and FilterSets.ini) as well as one active string (ActiveStrings.ini).

See the readme.txt file for further instructions.


For WinEdt 7.x: [886 KB]

For WinEdt 8.0-8.1: [886 KB]

For WinEdt 8.2: [886 KB]

For WinEdt 9.x: [955 KB]

Mode contributed by Jeroen SL de Munter <>