Dynamic Word Completion



This macro dynamically loads additional dictionaries for LaTEX packages used in the current document.

Word completion (default shortcut: CTRL-ENTER) can make life much easier. WinEdt already knows about all TEX and the standard LaTEX macros. However, when you use additional LaTEX packages or other classes than the default ones, you are on your own.

This macro expands WinEdt's knowledge of LaTEX macros. It will analyze your preamble and load dictionaries containing of all user macros for the class and all packages it finds (and which it knows about). Thus, the macros of these packages will be available for word completion. Furthermore, it will add user-defined macros to the dictionary.

It can also highlight these additional keywords.

Furthermore, if you are using the babel package, this macro can automatically set the current document's mode corresponding to the used language, by scanning babel's options.

If you are loading LaTEX styles indirectly through other files, there are ways to tell this macro about them (explained in the documentation).


Extract the zip file in %b\Config\TeX\ and run the macro _install_dynamicLaTeX.edt.

If you are upgrading this package, you can simply install it over the old version.


You can install the macro as the response to the MDI Activate event. This means, that you don't have to bother updating the dictionaries yourself but they will automatically be updated, whenever you activate a file in TEX mode. On reasonably modern hardware, this should work so fast that it will hardly be noticeable. If you don't choose this installation option, dictionaries have to be updated with the menu entry Tools | Update Dynamic Keywords.

Independently, you can set whether the document's mode and highlighting should be updated when activating the document, or only when calling the menu entry Tools | Update Dynamic Keywords, or not at all.



The following two macro packages are required by this mode;
they both have to be saved in %b\Macros\macro (preferably) or %B\Macros\macro:

Package contributed by Robert <>


Of course, this macro does not know about all existing LaTEX packages and classes. Currently supported packages are:
afterpage, algorithmic, amsbsy, amsfonts, amsmath, amssymb, amsthm, anonchap, apacite, array, babel, bibunits, booktabs, braket, calc, cancel, capt-of, caption, changebar, color, csquotes, dcolumn, doc, dsfont, eso-pic, eurofont, euroitc, europs, eurosans, everyshi, fancyhdr, german, graphics, graphicx, harvard, hhline, hyperref, ifthen, ifpdf, index, inputenc, jurabib, lettrine,  listings, longtable, makeidx, microtype, multicol, multirow, natbib, ngerman, pdfcprot, ragged2e, rcs, shortvrb, stmaryrd, subfigure, tabularx, textcomp, theorem, tocbibind, units, url, varioref, verbatim, xspace, and the classes ltxdoc and memoir.

You can help to extend its knowledge: If your favorite package or class is not integrated in the macro, you can create a list of all user macros for this package (not the internal ones) and send it to me so that I can include it in this macro. Especially, I would appreciate lists for the KOMA-script classes.

Also, if you find macros which should not be included in the dictionaries (because they are not meant for the user), or if there are missing macros for a package, please tell me about it.

A future release of dynamicLaTeX may also include a completion wizard which will ask for the arguments of a macro. For this, I even more need your help, in form of lists of all user macros including their description and the arguments. See dynamicLaTeX.README for details, if you want to help.

  Dynamic Word Completion