Perl Modules

What are modules?

Often programming/markup languages are extensible via packages or modules. The syntax these maodules use is generaly different from the basic language. Hence any keyword/function that comes from a module will not be properly highlighted. Also some modules are so complex that they make a language of their own (like Tk for Perl) and it would be nice to have a full support for that dialect.

Adding a module

  1. Choose Options|Configurations|Perl|Add module (Figure 1)
  2. Choose a file *.cid (Figure 2)
  3. The info about installed components is shown (Figure 3)

Removing a module

  1. Choose Options|Configurations|Perl|Remove module (Figure 7)
  2. Choose a file module to remove (Figure 8)
  3. Confirm the removal (Figure 9)
  4. The info about removed components is shown (Figure 10)