Configuration component template


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Last update on: 27.11.2001


This is a template for making configuration components for WinEdt 5.x. All my configuration components are based on this template.

Using it

  1. Make a directory in which you will prepare your components (e.g. C:\Files\WinEdtCC)
  2. Make a directory (in the previous one) named after your component (e.g. XYZ)
  3. Unzip the contents of in that directory (e.g. C:\Files\WinEdtCC\XYZ)
  4. Now you have all the files for making a component like Perl CC. Customize it and change any occurance of XYZ with your components name/mode.
  5. When you are done you can prepare the component as I did using these files (they have to be in a directory one levle up from your component files [e.g. C:\Files\WinEdtCC]):

Mode contributed by D Stancer (