Nobody's perfect.

Known bugs

This is a list of known bugs which are either fixed in the latest release or will be fixed in the next release. It's mainly meant for macro and mode writers.

This is not the official list of bugs.

If you think you've found a bug which is not listed here, construct a minimal test macro which shows the behaviour you think is wrong, and send it to the WinEdt mailing list (preferably) or to WinEdt's support (if you do the latter, please CC to, so that it can be included in the list).

Description Fixed in Build:
If you ExtractByIndex a piece of text which contains an uneven number of  "  characters, all subsequent  "  characters in the text will be doubled. 20011213 (5.3-beta)
CopyToClipboard("",0); will lock the macro file in which it is invoked so that you get an error when you want to save it.
Workaround: Use CMD("Erase Clipboard"); instead.
20010815 (5.3-beta)
IfNum(0,1,"<>","Do This","Do That"); (and for all other If* macros) will not work.
Workaround: Use IfNum(0,1,"=","Do That","Do This"); instead.
20010815 (5.3-beta)
InsertByIndex(Reg,"Str1","Str2",ind); always puts Str2 to the end of Str1, no matter what index you specify (except 0).
Workaround: Use ReplaceInString("Str1","Str2",ind,ind,0,Reg); instead.
20010815 (5.3-beta)
Searching and Regular Expressions
(only for WinEdt 5.3-beta:) The Regular Expression "@" fails on expression which it should definitely find.
Workaround: Turn off "optimization" for Regular Expressions (in the context menu of the Find dialog).
20020323 (5.3)
Searching for a string like {<| }word does not find strings it should find, if (a) Soft Wrapping is turned on and (b) the "word" happens to be on the beginning of a softly wrapped line. 20011213 (5.3-beta)
The Regular Expression "." is supposed to find "any single character (possibly none)". But the last part is not true. It behaves the same as the Regular Expression "?", i.e. there has to be a character. 20010815 (5.3-beta)