Guidelines for the WinEdt Mailing List

     WinEdt Mailing List Guidelines

  These guidelines are sent to the WinEdt Mailing List once a month.
  Please keep them in mind when posting to the list.


* What To Post

  The WinEdt Mailing List is for questions about the WinEdt editor. You
  should  not post questions concerning LaTeX, MiKTeX, BibTeX et al. to
  the mailing list. WinEdt is a shell/editor for  LaTeX  etc.  and  the
  list  is  intended  to  answer questions concerning WinEdt, not LaTeX
  (Sometimes it might be difficult  to  decide  whether  a  problem  is
  related to WinEdt or to MiKTeX, LaTeX etc. A rule of thumb is: If you
  are having the same  problems  when  running  the  program  from  the
  command line, it is NOT related to WinEdt.) 

  A lot of questions are being asked over and over  again.  Check  that
  your question isn't already answered in the WinEdt FAQ at 
  or in the mailing list archives at 

  When sending a question to the mailing list, try to be specific. 
  Include (at least) 
    + the Build number of your WinEdt (see "Help | About WinEdt...")
    + your operating system (e.g.: "Windows 2000, Service Pack 2")
    + a detailed description of the problem and how to reproduce it. 

  If you have received one or more answers that  solved  your  problem,
  you  can  give  something  back  to the WinEdt community by writing a
  summary that can be integrated in the WinEdt FAQ. You can either send
  it to the list, or directly to the maintainer of the FAQ. 
  Do NEVER post your registration key. Nobody needs to know it.

* How To Post

  Use plain-text format. Not everybody can (or wants to) read HTML.

  Use a meaningful subject line that will  make  sense  to  the  people
  whose help you are trying to get. 

  Do not quote entire messages just to add a few lines at the beginning
  or  end.  Instead, quote the parts to which you are directly replying
  or quote enough to establish the context. 
  Everybody on the list has already received the message that  you  are
  quoting,  and anyone searching the archive will find your message and
  the previous message listed under the same thread. 

  Do not start a new thread by replying to  an  unrelated  message  and
  just  changing  the  subject  line.  For people who group messages by
  threading in their mailer, your  mail  will  appear  as  one  of  the
  replies  to the original message. It is better to start a new message
  for a new thread. 
  The preferred language on the WinEdt Mailing List  is  English.  This
  does  not  imply disrespect to other languages, but simply guarantees
  the best possible communication as English is the language  that  the
  largest number of subscribers are able to understand. 

  Since the WinEdt list has been used for unwittingly spreading viruses
  in  e-mail  attachments  in the past, all attachments will be removed
  from your mails. All relevant  documents  (if  any)  are  text  files
  anyway, which you can include in the body of your message. 

  Do not request return receipts.

  If you are "out of office" and you want to set up  an  auto-responder
  for  your  e-mail  account,  please   unsubscribe   from   the   list

* Unsubscribing + More

  To unsubscribe from the WinEdt Mailing List, send an empty  mail  to:
  <>  from  the  account  that  you  are
  subscribed with. 

  DO NOT send a mail to the list! This will have no effect  apart  from
  annoying the subscribers. 
  The complete list of administrative commands for the  WinEdt  Mailing 
  List can be found here: <>

* Links

  + The WinEdt home page

  + WinEdt community's home page
    <> is a place for users of WinEdt to share configuration 
    components, macros, plug-ins etc. 

    It also hosts a list of frequently asked questions: 

  + The WinEdt Mailing List messages are archived at

  + Links for LaTeX and friends:
    - the UK TUG TeX FAQ: <>
    - the international TeX newsgroup <news:comp.text.tex>, offering 
      quick and knowledgeable help 
    - its archive can be found at 
    - the MiKTeX mailing lists (see <>)

  + If you have any suggestions for these guidelines, please contact me
    at <> 


  Happy WinEdt'ing!

  For the team,

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