WinEdt Macro Library - for HTML authors

The macros on this page can be useful for HTML authoring.

To get a longer description and detailed installation instructions, click on the name of the macro.

The macros are tested -- probably written -- with the specified version of WinEdt. Some macros come in bundles as a zipped file.

If you don't know how to run or install macros, you should read this first.

Should you encounter problems with a macro, please contact the author of the macro.

  Name Description WinEdt version Last
  DocType Inserts the appropriate DocType declaration at the beginning of the document 6, 5.2-5.627.01.02
  smartLink Creates (http: or mailto:) links from selected text 6, 5.2-5.627.01.02
  openlink Opens (almost) all kinds of <A href> links on doubleclick. 5.2-5.629.11.01
  deleteTag Deletes the current start and end tags 6, 5.2-5.613.11.01
  HTMLtoc Automatically generates a table of contents with hyperlinks and correct indentation levels 6, 5.2-5.602.11.01
  checklinks Checks all accessible kinds of <A href> links, starting from any file, and generates a log file. 5.3-5.608.12.01
  export2HTML Exports a document to HTML, maintaining all highlighting as in WinEdt 5.3-5.611.11.01

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Contributions of macros are always welcome.
Actually, The WinEdt Macro Library lives off the contributions (your contributions!)!

So, whenever you think that you have written a macro that could be useful to more people than just you, don't wait to submit it.

Read this, if you have decided to contribute or think about it.

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