WinEdt Macro Library - for LaTEX authors

The macros on this page can be useful for LaTEX editing.

To get a longer description and detailed installation instructions, click on the name of the macro.

The macros are tested -- probably written -- with the specified version of WinEdt. Some macros come in bundles as a zipped file.

If you don't know how to run or install macros, you should read this first.

Should you encounter problems with a macro, please contact the author of the macro.

  Name Description WinEdt version Last
  Backup Back up all TEX files in the main file's directory 5.615.10.09
  RCSdiff Produces a diff file of two versions, either using changebar.sty or WinEdt's correct.sty. (Requires a Revision Control System, like CS-RCS.) 5.3-5.623.12.04
  TeXmode Highly configurable package providing TEX Active Strings for typing math 5.3-5.614.09.06
  FasTeX FasTeX is a system of keyboard shortcuts for speeding up the typing of TeX from the keyboard. 9, 8, 7, 613.05.13
  LaTeXDoc Finds and opens documentation for LaTEX packages 5.318.02.05
  indexing Appends strings to all instances of all words specified in a list 6, 5.2-5.629.11.01
  index Small routine to help with inserting index markers 6, 5.2-5.629.11.01
  Format LaTeX Equations Formats LaTEX equations favoring spaces between tokens 611.05.10
  autoLabel Suggests a name for a label 6, 5.3-5.630.11.06
  Choice Choose from several TEX scripts to be inserted 6, 5.5-5.615.03.10
  Choice_image Choose from different images the TEX script to be inserted 6, 5.622.03.10
  Ligatures-German Split wrong ligatures in German TeX files 6, 5.606.09.12
  changeEnv Quickly change LaTEX environments 5.3-5.608.08.02
  uncommand Expand all custom LaTEX commands 6, 5.4-5.603.04.07
  eps2pdf Interface to convert eps files to pdf or png (one file or all files in a given directory) 5.3-5.628.11.03
  ConTEXt Launch ConTEXt from within WinEdt 5.3 as conveniently as the other TEX accessories 5.322.01.03
  ConTeXt standalone Support for standalone version of ConTeXt 9, 8, 706.07.13
MetaPost: Provides a configurable menu command that outputs a PostScript/PDF file containing all or selected figures from a source MetaPost file
6, 5.3-5.620.01.11
MetaPost: Preview your MetaPost figures or your MetaFont fonts in a PDF file
9, 8, 721.08.15
  MP-mpsproof / MP-current-fig
MetaPost: Produce proof sheets of MetaPost figures / display the "current figure" in GSView
  ghost This Macro opens GSview with either a .eps, .pdf or .ps file 5.3-5.618.11.03
  LaTeX2pic Macros and a perl script for converting LaTEX files to web suitable pictures (requires Perl and ImageMagick) 5.4-5.629.10.04
  PDFnup Macro for producing a r x c up pdf file from an existing pdf file 5.5-5.603.10.08
  MakeNomencl Launch makeindex for the nomencl package 7, 5.4-5.626.03.13
BibTEX: Find all entries containing a specified string (possibly a Regular Expression)
BibTEX: complete the contents of a field
BibTEX: Sort a bibliography database
BibTEX: extract only all \cite'd bibliography entries
  bibAnnoteExtract &
BibTEX: extract "annote" fields into separate files &
merge annotation files into the bibliography file

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Contributions of macros are always welcome.
Actually, The WinEdt Macro Library lives off the contributions (your contributions!)!

So, whenever you think that you have written a macro that could be useful to more people than just you, don't wait to submit it.

Read this, if you have decided to contribute or think about it.

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