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Since WinEdt version 5.4 (Build 20040504) this is macro is already included in the default setup.


Macro to conveniently run ConTEXt.

This macro lets you launch ConTEXt from within WinEdt 5.3 as conveniently as the other TEX accessories, i.e. with the possibility to run ConTEXt in the background, show any errors, run the viewer etc.

Of course, this macro does not make any sense if you haven't got ConTEXt properly installed.


Put the macro in %b\Exec\, and assign a shortcut to it in the Accessories menu, by creating a new Macro item:


Hint: If you copy an existing menu item, e.g. the one for LaTEX, you only need to change the Macro to the above.


At the beginning of the file, you can set most of the options which you can set for the other TEX accessories in the TEX Configuration Wizard, namely:

  • Run ConTEXt in background mode
  • Open Error Dialog for Errors
  • Open Error Dialog for Warnings
  • Run the Viewer
  • Forward Search (for yap)


  • Default output (dvi / pdf)

The macro will also recognize the \setupoutput command in your ConTEXt file, and will launch the appropriate viewer.



Macro contributed by Robert <>

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