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Macro for Winedt to split wrong ligatures in German TeX files.

TeX automatically typesets combinations like fi, ff, fl as ligatures. But characters that are parts of different syllables should not be joint to a ligature (at least in German). The macro searches such cases and prevents TeX to typset the respective ligatures by inserting the string "|.

The macro is not quick but dirty. It does not work on the basis of a list of problematic words (that would in principle be indeterminable), it rather searches combinations of syllables and characters. These combinations can be found by sorting out fairly general search strings, which have been improved in every days practice. Wrong ligatures are splitted first by the arbitrary string "||, that finally will be converted to "| in order to get the appropiate TeX command and the total number of replacements.

The macro is reasonably well tested over some years of use. As far as I can see, it seems to work better than other solutions of the problem with regard to correctness, but it is not very fast. So be patient!

Users of LuaTeX already find a better solution of the problem by using the far more sophisticated 'selnolig' package developed by Mico Loretan.


Just copy the macro file to your local Macro directory (%b\Macros\LaTeX\) and execute it by choosing Macros | Execute Macro script ....



Macro contributed by Matthias Vogel <>

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