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PDFnup.edt is macro for producing a r x c up pdf file from an existing pdf file. The result is a pdf file in which the original pages are reduced and arranged in r rows and c columns form on each new page.

The macro simply generates a LaTeX file that makes the job using the pdfpages package, which is indeed required.


  1. Put the content of this zip file in a new folder %B\Contrib\PDFnup, where %B is probably C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt. (If you use %b = Document and Settings\...\Application data\WinEdt instead of %B, you should change accordingly the "%B"s in the file PDFnup.edt to "%b"s.)
  2. Create a new submenu macro item (named for instance PDFnup: 2x2 slides up):
    Requires File Filterset to: %P\%N.pdf
    Start inset to: %P
    Requires a documentchecked
    Set Folder to "Start in"checked.

    In the above macro line, the two LetReg are optional.

    has for effect to directly texify the created LaTEX file without opening it. When omitted, the macro opens the generated LaTEX file without texifying it. This offers a way to change settings before texifying.
    tells the macro to use the pdfnup2.cfg default setting. Changing the 2 to 1, file pdfnup1.cfg will be used. You may thus define as much default settings you want. When omitted, an internal default setting is used.
  3. To produce the r x c up pages, you must first create the pdf file from your yourfile.tex source.

Then (with yourfile.tex as current file or main file) selecting the macro from the new menu item, will produce the r x c pdf file named yourfile_nup.pdf.



Macro contributed by Gilbert Ritschard <>

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