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This macro is a part of the RCS menu but can also be used without it.


This macros produces a LaTEX'able file in which the differences between two versions are marked.

If you use a Revision Control System (e.g. CS-RCS, freely available for Windows from, you can thus easily compare two versions of a document.
Some basic instructions on how to use RCS together with WinEdt can be found here.

The macro in this package

  1. produces a diff file, comparing the current file
    • either with its latest version as found in the RCS repository,
    • or with a file of your choice (e.g. if you want to compare with an earlier version that you have retrieved from RCS),
  2. writes the changes into a new file, to work with either
    • changebar.sty or
    • correct.sty.

(The package changebar.sty marks changed paragraphs with bars in the margins and is available from CTAN;
correct.sty typesets additions and deletions in different colours, and can be found in WinEdt's folder "Macros\Edt RCS"; an enhanced version that allows for coloured text span over paragraphs is available here, also included in the RCS menu.)

 Changes in the preamble can be ignored.

 If you are using CSDiff 4.0 (included with CS-RCS 3.0), you may also compare the files by word.

If you want to compare a file to its last version directly in WinEdt, i.e. without merging the two versions, you can use the macro RCScompare instead, also included in the RCS menu.


This macro is part of the RCS menu. If you are going to use this menu, please refer to the installation instructions there. You don't have to download this macro separately.

If you do not want to install this menu, save the macro in the directory %b\Macros\LaTeX\ and create a menu entry for it, if you want. You might have to adjust the settings at the beginning of the file, so that they match your RCS installation.

To be able to use the LaTEX package correct.sty, you have to save it in a folder where LaTEX expects package files.



or go to the RCS menu page.


changebar.sty (from CTAN)

Macro contributed by Robert <>

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