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This (self-installing) highly configurable macro package provides sophisticated TeX shortcuts (defined as Active Strings).

A number of shortcuts are predefined and are automatically installed and activated by the installation macro. For example,

`a --> \alpha
`b --> \beta
`= --> \equiv

Shortcuts are only expanded when you are currently in math mode.

 Whether or not you are in math mode will be detected automatically if you are using WinEdt version 5.5 (by checking against the currently active highlighting settings).

With older versions of WinEdt, you have to toggle the modes manually (which is still also possible in WinEdt 5.5, in cases when math mode isn't recognized correctly): If you click on Edit: Math / Edit: Text in the status line, the current editing status changes from the one to the other. The menu item labelled Toggle Math Mode installed under the Tools menu provide another way of changing the editing status. Note that when running WinEdt 5.5, this is usually not necessary.

You can always get the list of all currently defined shortcuts by typing the prefix and H, e.g.: `H

The macro package also provides the possibility to (Re)define Shortcuts on the fly.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the files into %b\Macros\LaTeX\ or %B\Macros\LaTeX\.
  2. Use WinEdt's Execute Macro... command to run the macro TeXmode_install.edt.
  3. Choose the options.

All files will be generated, the active strings will be added, the menu additions installed, and the status line changed (if appropriate).

Finally, the installation log file will be opened, so that you can check whether everything has been installed successfully.

Note that you must not install the TeX math mode macro package on top of an existing installation. Upgrading without uninstalling first is currently not possible. Some instructions on how to preserve your customizations can be found in the README file.


  • Choose the components to be installed.
    It is recommended to install the additions to the Tools menu or to use the Status Line for toggling the mode. In fact, I highly recommend you assign convenient shortcuts to the two additions once they've been added... odds are you will tend to use them a lot (but not with WinEdt 5.5!).
  • Choose a prefix for all shortcuts.
    By default, this is: ` (backtick)
    You can choose any other (single) character. Especially if you are using a non-US keyboard, you probably want to choose a different prefix (e.g. the semicolon). You should only consider that the prefix character should not be often used in math mode (so the equal sign would probably be a bad idea).
  • Choose the panel which should be used to display and toggle the mode.
    The current editing mode (i.e. Edit: Text or Edit: Math) can be displayed in one of three available panels in the Status Line: Info, Panel A, and Panel B.



Macro contributed by Jason Alexander / Robert <>

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