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This macro is part of the bibMacros package but can be used without it.


Finds all entries containing a specified string and inserts the key.

Find Entry dialogWhen using WinEdt 5.5 with its new (internal) MUI, you'll see the advanced dialog on the right; for previous WinEdt versions you need the external MUI Plug-In, which will show a similar but less powerful dialog.

If you invoke the macro from your main TEX file, all \bibliography's will be searched (you have to have LaTEX'ed the file once); if you invoke it from a BibTEX file, only this one will be searched.

You can specify one or two search strings, and choose whether both or either of them have to be matched. You also have the possibility to restrict the search to an entry type. Additionally, you may specify whether you only want to search for whole words, whether search should be case sensitive and whether the search string is a regular expression. Searching for an empty string will show all entries of the bibliography. Note that international characters do not pose a problem even if they are spelled out in LaTeX's notation in the bibliography entry ("Gödel").

Search may also be confined to the results of a previous query, which are stored for each bibliography file and may be selected from a drop-down list. The results can also be sorted alphabetically.

If you select an item from the results list, a tool tip will pop up showing the complete entry, so that you can verify that it's the one you are looking for. To insert the key at the current point, press Insert or Enter.


Put the macro in %b\Macros\LaTeX\, and assign a shortcut to it if you want.

If you want to use this macro as the response to the "\cite?{}" Active String, create a new file cite.edt, containing the lines:


and save it in %b\Macros\Active Strings\. Similar for continued citations (active string "\cite{?},,") and selected citations (active string "\cite{?,,"), only that the file names should be cite-cont.edt resp. cite-sel.edt, and the assignment should be adjusted appropriately ("cite-cont" resp. "cite-sel").

Alternatively, download the bibMacros package which includes all BibTEX related macros (and some more).


LaTeX/bibFindEntry.edt (version for WinEdt 5.5)

LaTeX/bibFindEntry54.edt (version for WinEdt 5.4 or previous, which also requires the MUI plug-in)

Macro contributed by Robert <>

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