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Small routine to help with inserting index markers.

Select the words(s) to be indexed and then run the macro (it is best put on to a key).
By default there is support for the LaTEX index (or multind) package, which enables multiple indexes with the syntax \index{indexname}{indexstring}.
This can be shut off by following the directions in the macro.

After inserting the "indexname" part of the marker, the macro offers you the selected string so that you can alter it -- for example, if you are using a number of levels in your index, or indexing by concept rather than literally. The markup will be inserted immediately before the selection, regardless of the position of the cursor.


Put the macro in %b\Macros\LaTeX\, and assign a shortcut to it, or set it up as the response to the Active String "\index{}" (in Options | Settings | Active Strings).



Macro contributed by David Chadd <>.

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