WinEdt Macro Library - for all WinEdt users

The macros on this page can be useful even if you don't edit anything at all.

To get a longer description and detailed installation instructions, click on the name of the macro.

The macros are tested -- probably written -- with the specified version of WinEdt. Some macros come in bundles as a zipped file.

If you don't know how to run or install macros, you should read this first.

Should you encounter problems with a macro, please contact the author of the macro.

  Name Description WinEdt version Last
  worklog This package of macros keeps track of the working hours you spend using WinEdt. It can also produce nice looking charts (in cooperation with the LaTEX style schedule.sty). 5.3-5.626.06.04
  statuspath Shows the %p and %!P paths or either of them in the Status Line (truncated, so that they fit) 5.2-5.613.11.01
  recentDirectories Keeps a history of recently opened directories (to be used in addition to or instead of File | Open) 5.3-5.623.12.04
  InstallDict Simplifies the installation of dictionaries 9, 8, 7, 610.10.13

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Contributions of macros are always welcome.
Actually, The WinEdt Macro Library lives off the contributions (your contributions!)!

So, whenever you think that you have written a macro that could be useful to more people than just you, don't wait to submit it.

Read this, if you have decided to contribute or think about it.

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