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This macro aids in code completion for Java Programmers by displaying the complete list of all the available methods for java classes.

This macro mainly runs a Java program (that uses Reflection) in the background and obtains all the methods corresponding to a given class. The class (for which the method display is required) can be either selected or supplied during the execution of the Macro.

This macro assumes that a suitable JRE is already installed and java.exe is in the Windows PATH environment. If not, one has to supply the complete path of the JAVA.exe inside this macro definition.


The zip file should be extracted into a folder named as: %B\Macros\program\MethodNames. The java Class file (DumpMethods.class) should also be present in the same folder. Add a menu item calling: Exe("%B\Macros\program\MethodNames\MethodNames.edt");

A shortcut key can also be assigned to this macro if desired.



Macro contributed by Gnana Ramdev Kotamraju <>.

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