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This macro keeps a list of directories recently opened in the current session. It can be used in addition to the File | Open command, or can even replace it.

It can also be used in the same way for the command Save As..., or any other command for which it makes sense.


  1. Save the file as %b\Macros\recentDirectories.edt
  2. Add a new menu entry to the File or Document menu with a "Macro" that is defined as:
    If you want to use this macro for other commands than Open..., define the macro as:
    Assign("recentDir","Save As...");Exe("%b\Macros\recentDirectories.edt");
  3. If you want the directories of all opened files to be automatically added to the history (strongly recommended), add the line
    to one of the following files, depending on the WinEdt build you are using (if the file doesn't exist, you have to create it):
    • %b\Macros\MDIOpen.edt (build 20031209 or older)
    • %b\Local\MDIOpen.edt (build 20040504)
    • %b\Local\Events\MDIOpen.edt (build 20041213 or newer)
  4. Adjust the options.


  • Number of directories to remember.
  • Which path to add to the history? (%p = current file's path, %!P = current path);
  • Share one history between different projects or have different directory histories for different projects?
  • Define up to five Home Directories (which are always present in the history).
  • History can be sorted alphabetically or chronologically.



Macro contributed by Robert <>

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