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This macro is a part of the RCS menu but can also be used without it.

It only makes sense if you have a Revision Control System installed (freely available for Windows for example from


This macro lets you easily compare a file with its last version within WinEdt.
In contrast to the RCSdiff macros, it does not merge the two versions into a new file.

It will retrieve the latest version from the RCS repository, arrange the two files and let WinEdt compare them. You can then browse through the differences using CTRL-F3 (which is the default shortcut for "Search | Next Difference...").


This macro is part of the RCS menu. If you are going to use this menu, please refer to the installation instructions there. You don't have to download this macro separately.

If you don't want to install this menu, put the macro into the directory %b\Macros\text\ and assign a menu entry, if you want. You then have to adjust the settings at the beginning of the file, so that they match your RCS installation.



or go to the RCS menu page.

Macro contributed by Robert <>

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