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This macro allows to select a sectional unit in the text via the TOC tree (requires WinEdt 5.4 or later).

After installation, you can right-click on any of the sectional units (e.g. the LaTEX \chapter, \section, ..., but also in any other mode, e.g. H1, H2, ... in HTML), and have the complete section selected in the document. This can be helpful when re-ordering your document.


Save the macro as %b\Macros\text\SelectFromTOC.edt.

To install or uninstall the macro, execute SelectFromTOC_install.edt, browse for the Extended Configuration file (probably %b\WinEdtEx.ini for WinEdt 5.4, %b\ConfigEx\Tree.ini for WinEdt 5.5), and add (resp. remove) checkmarks to the entries which you want to be able to select via the TOC.

You could also use this macro to add an item to compile sections etc., by adding the following lines:

ACTION="Compile section"
   MACRO="Exe('%b\Macros\text\SelectFromTOC.edt');Exe('%b\Exec\MikTeX\Compile Selected.edt');"

to the respective .ini file (Tree.ini or WinEdt.ini).



Macro contributed by Robert <>

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