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The zip file includes two versions: abbrv.edt is for use with WinEdt 5.2 (Build 20001213) or later, abbrv51.edt for WinEdt 5.1 or earlier. Make certain that you run the correct version.


This macro allows to define and expand abbreviations.


Define an abbreviation:
  • Type a word or phrase that you want to abbreviate (for example: 'This is a long sentence.') Select it, if it's more than one word.
  • Invoke the macro.
  • You will be prompted for the abbreviation.
Expand an abbreviation:
  • Type an abbreviation (for example: 'Tials').
  • Invoke the macro.
  • If the abbreviation is already defined, it will get expanded.

The abbreviations will be stored in a separate file, so that you can build up a rather complex abbreviation dictionary. If you assign a shortcut to it you can increase your typing rate a lot.

The second macro (abbrvlist.edt) presents the list of all defined abbreviations and lets you chose one.

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the file in %b\Macros\text (where %b is your local WinEdt folder).
  • To use abbrv efficiently, you should assign a shortcut to it (I use CTRL - . ).

You might want to sort the database alphabetically from time to time. You can do this by opening the file %b\Macros\text\abbrv\ and using WinEdt's Sort Tool (in the Tools Menu).


You can easily define different abbreviation databases for different projects. (The documentation in the file shows how to do this.)



Macro contributed by Robert <>.

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