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The macro formats selected lines with respect to & and \\. It disregards \&

There are two ways to format the selected lines:

  1. formatting with blanks leading and trailing & and \\:

    will be changed to

       aaaaaaaaaa & bb\&bbbbbb & ccccccc &    & \\
       eeee       & fffff      & gggg    & hh & ii  & jjjjjjj & kkkkkkkk \\
  2. formatting without blanks between text and separators:
       aaaaaaaaaa&bb\&bbbbbb&ccccccc&  &\\
       eeee      &fffff     &gggg   &hh&ii &jjjjjjj&kkkkkk\\

How do you use the macro:

Select full lines containing lines of a tabular block. Choose in menu Edit one of the menu item Format TeX-Tables with blanks or Format TeX-Tables without blanks (ALT e x or ALT e o).

Installation Instructions

Installation of the Runtime Modules of IBM Workstation APL2:

If you are running IBM Workstation APL2 on your computer you need not to install the Runtime Modules! In this case it is sufficient to download the zip file only.

Execute the file apl2wr20.exe which installs the Runtime Modules. The file apl2wr20.exe may be deleted after the installation. It is not used anymore.

Installation of TeXtab as a WinEdt Plugin:

Run the macro Install_5/7.edt from WinEdt: Macros | Execute Macro (Shift+Crtl+F9).

You will see the result of the installation in the menu Edit.


The program textfosp may be used for any columnwise formatting. It is called with parameters

  1. blanks:
    • 0: no blanks
    • 1: leading blank
    • 2: trailing blank
    • 3: leading and trailing blank
  2. column separating strings separated by blanks.

The input "'2 ;' 'C:\temp\test.txt' 'xX'" would format the file C:\temp\test.txt columnwise at ; with a trailing and no leading blank.


TeXtab.exe [3157 KB; including Runtime Modules of IBM Workstation APL2] [17 KB; without Runtime Modules of IBM Workstation APL2]

Plug-in contributed by Dieter Kilsch <>, with the help of Karl Koeller <> for the WinEdt 7 install macro.

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