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Command Completion Wizard

WinEdt provides a command Complete Word which is by default assigned the Ctrl+Enter shortcut. This command is suitable for word completion based on your dictionaries / word lists. However, a more sophisticated tool is needed if you want to provide a similar functionality for WinEdt Macro functions or / and [La]TEX environments and macros which require parameters. This tool has been designed as a (self-installing) plug-in for WinEdt providing advanced (command) completion abilities.

After installation, the following menu items will be appended to the (invisible) Shortcuts Menu:

CTRL-Y: command completion for TEX/LaTEX commands
CTRL-SHIFT-Y: command completion for LaTEX-environments
ALT-Y: command completion for WinEdt macros
ALT-SHIFT-Y: command completion for WinEdt commands

Screenshot: Completion Wizard Options (5 KB)

Screenshot: Completion Wizard Options

Screenshot: Completion Wizard in Action (4 KB)

Screenshot: Completion Wizard in Action (suggested completions for "\bib")


Create a folder %B\Plugins\Complete (where %B stands for WinEdt's directory, f.i. C:\Program Files\WinEdt), download the file and unpack its contents into the newly created folder. The file readme.txt contains all the information you need to install and use the "Completion Wizard" - please read it carefully!

Start the command Macros | Execute Macro... and choose Install.edt.

Download [213 KB]

This program was written by Holger Danielsson <>.

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