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New LaTeX Document Interface


WinEdt provides a few predefined templates for New LaTEX documents. Users can change the list of available templates through Project Setup | Templates Dialog. The actual contents of templates can be changed by editing the files in WinEdt's Templates folder. However, it would be nice if one could choose from more packages, options, etc. A plug-in accessory was designed to make the task easier.

This WinEdt plug-in provides an enhanced New Document dialog box that allows the user to select a template or, if they choose not to use a template, to select what LaTEX packages and options they want to use in a user-friendly, graphical manner. The list of templates, packages, and options can be easily customized by the user by editing the text file user.cfg.

Screenshot: New LaTeX Document Interface (9 KB)


If you want to install the "New LaTEX Document Interface" as a plug-in for WinEdt proceed as follows:

Create a folder %B\Plugins\New (where %B stands for WinEdt's directory, f.i. C:\Program Files\WinEdt), download the file and unpack its contents into the newly created folder.

Start the command Macros | Execute Macro... and choose New.edt. Depending on your answer, this macro updates the Project Menu and re-defines the New Document... menu Item accordingly.

Download [125 KB]

This program was written by Jason Alexander <>.

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