-- compatible with WinEdt version(s) 10, 9 --


This package provides support for R, Sweave and knitr.

R support is based on the RWinEdt stuff by Uwe Ligges. The support is here made available in a standard WinEdt session instead of running it in a limited stand alone WinEdt instance.


For full functionality of the package, the following R libraries must be installed in your R system:

  • knitr
  • patchDVI (at least version 1.9.1616)

For interaction with R, it is better if you set R in sdi mode. Interaction in mdi mode is supported for English language only.

For forward/inverse search you need a PDF reader (such as SumatraPDF) supporting it.


This package is not compatible with its predecessor R-Sweave, so, if you have it installed, you must uninstall it before installing.

Open the macro file Install.edt in WinEdt, and execute it by choosing Macros | Execute Current Macro.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to carefully read the file Readme.txt that comes with the package for recommended post-install actions.


Open the macro file Uninstall.edt in WinEdt (also available in %b\Uninstall\RManager folder), and then execute it by choosing Macros | Execute Current Macro.


A new menu R and a few drop-down toolbar buttons are added, which contain all available commands of the package.

You can create a new R or Rnw document through the New drop-down button in the toolbar.

Regarding the compilation of Rnw files, you have the possibility of choosing between Sweave and knitr, and then PDFLaTeX, XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. The compilers automatically patch the synctex file for forward/inverse search between Rnw and pdf files.

The command Compile (F9 shortcut) executes the chain knitr -> PDFLaTeX, and it can be changed to Sweave through the command Select Weave Method.

An 'Rscript' item is added in the Execution Modes dialog, in case one wants to customize the execution of Sweave and knitr.

Apart from Rnw files, you can knit Rhtml, Rmd and Rrst files. In the first two cases, the resulting html file is shown after the compilation.

A few commands are there to facilitate the insertion of R code, e.g. Insert Chunk inserts a new R chunk ready to be filled.

Chunk labels are collected in the Tree interface for easier document navigation.

See Readme.txt for more info.


For WinEdt 9.1:   RManager_91.zip

For WinEdt 10.0, 10.1:   RManager_10.zip

For WinEdt 10.2, 10.3:   RManager_102.zip

Package contributed by Gilbert Ritschard <gilbert.ritschard@unige.ch> and Karl Koeller <karlkoeller@gmail.com>