WinEdt Unicode Dictionaries

WinEdt 7 (or later) uses unicode dictionaries. The table below lists currently available unicode dictionaries (word lists) for unicode versions of WinEdt.

The sizes of dictionaries below refer to the zipped archive. The actual size of the word lists is approximately six to eight times larger. Each dictionary is accompanied by a short info describing the relevant information pertaining to that dictionary's creation and installation instructions. You should read this file before downloading and installing the associated dictionary.

Unicode Dictionary Info Download Size Last change
Afrikaans Info Dictionary 615 KB 1998-10-26
Belarusian Info Dictionary 2830 KB 2006-06-16
Bulgarian Info Dictionary 483 KB 2007-10-22
Catalan Info Dictionary 944 KB 2002-01-20
Croatian Info Dictionary 133 KB 2002-01-20
Czech Info Dictionary 1310 KB 2002-11-07
Danish Info Dictionary 1358 KB 1998-10-26
Dutch Info Dictionary 1052 KB 2002-08-20
French Info Dictionary 1156 KB 2010-05-07
German Info Dictionary 2440 KB 2005-01-06
German (CH - old+new sp) Info Dictionary 1320 KB 2000-07-21
German (DE - old+new sp) Info Dictionary 1329 KB 1999-05-10
Greek Info Dictionary 2089 KB 2008-10-03
Hungarian Info Dictionary 1413 KB 2003-12-03
Italian Info Dictionary 2007 KB 2012-06-18
Latin Info Dictionary 3640 KB 2012-11-15
Mongolian Info Dictionary 7060 KB 2014-10-07
Polish Info Dictionary 1683 KB 1999-01-15
Polish (huge) Info Dictionary 10471 KB 2005-06-10
Portuguese Info Dictionary 3403 KB 2012-03-28
Portuguese (BR) Info Dictionary 814 KB 2000-04-27
Portuguese (PT) Info Dictionary 1197 KB 2000-07-20
Romanian Info Dictionary 5295 KB 2014-11-25
Russian Info Dictionary 3841 KB 2010-11-28
Serbian Info Dictionary 622 KB 2010-11-23
Slovak Info Dictionary 145 KB 2002-01-20
Slovenian Info Dictionary 611 KB 1999-02-24
Spanish Info Dictionary 792 KB 1998-06-30
Swedish Info Dictionary 465 KB 1998-10-05
Ukrainian Info Dictionary 993 KB 2001-04-17

English dictionaries are included and enabled in the default settings. The "How to" section in WinEdt's Help explains how to instal and configure additional dictionaries for multi-lingual users...

WinEdt Dictionaries (Word Lists)

Any word list (a text file consisting of one word per line) can be converted into a WinEdt dictionary by sorting it as a dictionary (Sort Lines dialog) and save it as a unicode (UTF-16) file with BOM and UNIX line terminators (Document Settings dialog). Neglecting to properly sort and save a dictionary will result in increased loading time and possible problems with the spell checking functionality! Words have to be at most 255 characters long and a dictionary can contain at most 16,000,000 lines. These are reasonable limitations for all situations arising in practice. Lines at the beginning of a dictionary starting with % characters are considered comments and are not subject to sorting. That's all. The hard part is compiling a complete word list for any available language.

WinEdt's dictionaries now use unicode (UTF-16) format with BOM and LF as line terminator. This means that older WinEdt 6 (or earlier) ASCII dictionaries are not compatible with the unicode versions of WinEdt. However, the CP Converter section of the Documents Settings dialog makes it is easy to convert any non-unicode dictionary into the new format. Help in the Document Settings dialog gives the details, showing, as an example, how conversion of the Russian dictionary into a unicode (ready to use) format was done.


New contributions are welcome! If you've compiled a word list that is currently not available and you would like to share it with others, you can upload it to via anonymous ftp and let me know

Corrections or additions for existing dictionaries should be directed to the respective maintainer.

Disclaimer: None of WinEdt's dictionary creators/maintainers takes any responsibility for problems, if any, caused by WinEdt or its dictionaries...