Slovenian Dictionary (Unicode)


          Slovenian Word List (v.1.0) for WinEdt
          Created:        January 27, 1999
          Last Revision:  November 30, 2012

          Converted from
          by applying the following string translation in WinEdt
          (Latin II -> cp1250):
              #185 -> #154
              #190 -> #158
              #174 -> #142
              #169 -> #138
          sorting the result with WinEdt's Dictionary Manager and
          saving it in UNIX (LF) format.

          Since WinEdt by default ignores one-letter words such
          words have been removed. Also a dot has been removed from
          a few abbreviations (such as prof., mag., itd...) because
          WinEdt's spell checking algorithm is not designed to match
          words containing non-alphabetical characters.

  This version of Slovenian word dictionary was compiled by Aleksander
  Simonic and Uros Lotric for use with WinEdt. The dictionary is
  included in WinEdt's dictionary collection with the kind permission
  of GNUsl (

  The original file mte-sl.words was build by company Amebis
  ( in cooperation with Institute Jozef Stefan
  ( under the European MULTEXT-East project. It was
  derived from BesAna spell-checker dictionary and now it is freely
  accessible at GNUsl web site
  under GNU Copyleft.

  Slovenian word list for WinEdt, si.dic, is freely accessible for
  non-commercial use. Besides, it should not be used as integral part
  of any commercial product.