The documentation and FAQs on the old site are outdated and need to be revised and rewritten before they can be considered for inclusion on this site. They are reasonably accurate up to WinEdt 5 but they no longer apply to the recent versions of WinEdt.

Volunteers needed!

WinEdt's Mailing List

A lot of useful information is exchanged, and a lot of problems are being solved, on WinEdt's Mailing List.

Make sure that the return address in your e-mail is correct. On subscribing you will be sent instructions on how to remove yourself from the list, should you so wish. Read them carefully and avoid embarrassment caused by sending the unsubscribe requests to the forum and thus addressing a few hundred members with your request...

The mailing list can also be accessed through various interfaces at

The messages on WinEdt's Mailing List are archived at Yahoo! Groups.

Guidelines for sending messages to the Mailing List

Topics discussed on the Mailing List should concern WinEdt. However, an occasional posting concerning TeX or other remotely related issue is an acceptable practice. If you are posting an off-topic message (non-WinEdt related) it helps if you say so before stating your question. This may spare you from being reminded that this does not strictly belong to WinEdt's Mailing List. Helpful hints and answers to typesetting problems have been given on this list in the past...

When you are asking for help you should mention the version and build of your instance of WinEdt as displayed in WinEdt's Help/About WinEdt Dialog.

Build: yyyymmdd (v. X.x) is the relevant information uniquely identifying your version of WinEdt (note that the build indicates the "year-month-day" format of the date when this instance of WinEdt was compiled):

You should also describe your problem in details including your Windows and (when relevant) your TeX System. You are more likely to receive a good advice if you provide the relevant information. Finally, avoid misrepresenting the situation: think twice if the error is reported by WinEdt or by TeX. Most errors about missing or misplaced sty or bib files or unknown graphics formats are reported by the compiler and not by WinEdt.

When writing to the Mailing List you should avoid sending attachments (screen-shots or other large [graphics] files). They are generally not appreciated and tend to be irrelevant to the problem you are experiencing. If you are in doubt whether or not to send your query to the Mailing List you can write privately to and we'll advise you on the matter.

If you are going away from your office and you are about to set up the auto-responder for your email account (a list subscriber) make sure that you first (temporarily) un-subscribe from the mailing list. If your responder generates messages back to the mailing list this can cause a never ending stream of messages and is bound to make many users (very, very) angry!

Sending spam messages (you know what they are) to the Mailing List is strictly forbidden!!! Exercise common sense when you are sending messages: the list is not moderated; we assume that TeX and WinEdt audience is capable of civilized and intelligent behavior.

Additional Resources

Topics discussed on the Mailing List should concern WinEdt.

If you have a question related to TeX, LaTeX, BibTeX, etc. you should try obtaining help from one of these resources:

Contributing to is the work of volunteers. All macros, components, plug-ins, dictionaries, and help on this site were being developed, written and set up in the spare time of enthusiastic users. If you belong to this group, you are very welcome to contribute the results of your enthusiasm to!

Have you written a macro that deserves a bigger audience than just your personal WinEdt installation?
Or have you assembled a configuration component that could be of use for other users?
And you want to contribute it?

Simply follow this procedure:

  • Upload your contribution to via anonymous ftp. This directory is write-only.
    If you want to upload a package, compress the files into a zip archive. Do not upload a bunch of single files.
  • Send an email to containing the following information:
    • what you have uploaded (macro / configuration component / plug-in / dictionary / other),
    • where you suggest the file(s) to go, and
    • a brief summary of what your upload is intended to do.
  • Allow the administrators a couple of days to find and check your contribution, and finally see it integrated in

Before uploading your contribution you should consider the following:

  • Your contribution should be well tested, well documented and should serve a general purpose.
  • Macros or configuration components should come with documentation. If you contribute a package (i.e. more than one file), you should provide a README file describing the macros or components and their installation process.
  • I assume that you agree with publishing your email address for support. If you don't want this, you have to tell me.
  • Only send ready-to-run contributions. If you have a problem with a macro you wrote, post it to the WinEdt's Mailing List. People there will be happy to help you.

If you don't feel like writing a macro or creating a mode, there are other ways to contribute to and the WinEdt community:

  • Compile (and maintain) a collection of links to WinEdt related sites.
  • Notify the administrators of any bugs, dead links and typos.
  • Think of other ways to improve and to make life for WinEdt users even better... lives off its contributions. Help it stay alive and kicking!

WinEdt 10 relies heavily on high-quality, modern-style graphic resources created and contributed by Karl Koeller.

Example: WinEdt classic and modern logos are both nice user-contributions...