-- compatible with WinEdt version(s) 10, 9, 8, 7 --


This package provides two macros for inline and displayed math completion.

The first macro allows to insert automatically the second $ when you press $ for writing an inline equation in TeX mode. It acts only if there are no non-space characters before and after the cursor position (this is useful if you have to make corrections or simply set equations inside a formed text).

The second macro automatically inserts a matching \] when you type \[ in order to write a displayed formula. The closing \] will be vertically aligned with \[ and the cursor will be placed in a right position for typing your formula.


Open the macro file Install.edt in WinEdt, and execute it by choosing Macros | Execute Current Macro.


Open the macro file Uninstall.edt in WinEdt (also available in %b\Uninstall\IntelliMath folder), and then execute it by choosing Macros | Execute Current Macro.


For WinEdt 7.x:

For WinEdt 8.x, 9.x:

For WinEdt 10.x:

Package contributed by Riccardo Dossena <>