-- compatible with WinEdt version(s) 10, 9, 8, 7 --


This package installs a macro that "block un/comments" lines containing the selected text. It acts like many other code editors, commenting out uncommented lines and uncommenting commented lines in designated files (e.g., TeX, EDT). It is a no-op in designated other files (e.g., HTML).


Open the macro file Install.edt in WinEdt, and execute it by choosing Macros | Execute Current Macro.


Open the macro file Uninstall.edt in WinEdt (also available in %b\Uninstall\ToggleComment folder), and then execute it by choosing Macros | Execute Current Macro.


Simply press Ctrl+Q to "block un/comments" lines. Alternatively, you can right-click on selected lines and choose Toggle Comment in the Selected popup menu (v10 only).

The comment string can be customized per mode. Please refer to the macro file for details.


For WinEdt 7.x:

For WinEdt 8.x, 9.x:

For WinEdt 10.x:

Package contributed by Geoffrey Jones <>