Modes and Menus

Modes include highlighting schemes, active strings, menu and tool bar customizations for editing specific sorts of text.
To install them create a directory %b\Config\<mode name> and extract the zip file in there. You will find a macro called install.edt or similar which you want to execute ("Macros | Execute Macro..."). Before installing a mode you should backup your settings ("Options | Configurations | Backup"), in case anything goes wrong, or if you don't like the mode.

To install the menus, go to "Options | Menu Setup...") and choose the appropriate tab ("Main Menu" resp. "Popup Menu"). Click on "Append..." (the rightmost button; or by performing a right-click) and choose the file you downloaded.
Some menu items call macros from the WinEdt Macro Library. You may have to download and install these macros separately.

To get a longer description and installation instructions, click on the name of the component.
The macros are tested -- probably written -- with the specified version of WinEdt.

? Name Description WinEdt version Last
 Toolkit Installator A selection of useful macros from enriched by JErik's modifications and macros, installable without the need of manual adjustment. 5.5-5.6 06.06.2007
 BibStyle Menu, highlighting and dynamic command completion for BibTEX style files. 5.4-5.6 06.06.2007
 DTX Highlighting settings, Active Strings, Tree directives and more for documented LaTEX source files (DTX) 5.5-5.6 15.01.2008
 Diff Highlighting settings for diff files (diff -u) 5.4-5.6 02.10.2006
 EDTplus Dynamic highlighting and completion of Local Registers for WinEdt macros. 5.4-5.6 06.06.2007
 Fortran90 Highlighting (static and dynamic), active strings, dictionary, menus, keyword search, buttons and images, tool bar customizations, compilation support and many more for the Fortran 90 computer language and its later standards. 5.6 22.09.2009
 LaTeX3 LaTeX3 highlighting scheme 9, 8 15.05.2015
 Mail Highlighting settings and menus for e-mails and usenet postings. 5.3-5.6 18.02.2003
 PostScript Highlighting settings for PostScript (ps and eps) and PDF files 9, 8, 5.4-5.6 14.08.2014
 RManager Support for R, Sweave and knitr 9 24.06.2015
 Perl 5 This configuration component contains highlighting, active strings, menu and tool bar customizations for Perl 5. 5.3-5.6 27.11.2001
 PL/SQL This configuration component contains highlighting, menu and tool bar customizations for programming Oracle PL/SQL 8i. 5.3-5.6 27.11.2001
 Template This is a template for making configuration components for WinEdt 5.x. All my configuration components are based on this template. 5.3-5.6 04.12.2001
 Stata Highlighting, Active Strings, Menu and Tool bar customizations for Stata (for WinEdt 7 and above) 9, 8, 7 26.11.2015
 Stata5 Highlighting, Active Strings, Menu and Tool bar customizations for Stata (for WinEdt 5) 5.3-5.6 16.12.2003
 YandY TeX YandY TeX support 9, 8, 7 15.05.2015
 AutoMode Macro component for automatically changing editor layout 5.3 17.12.2001
 awk This configuration component contains highlighting, active strings, menu and tool bar customizations for (gnu) awk. 5.3-5.6 12.04.2002
 dynamicLaTEX Dynamically loads dictionaries for LaTEX packages used in the current document for word completion, and set the submode according to babel's options 5.4-5.6 08.01.2008
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Configuration component for the R statistical software [N/A] 5.2
Menus & Shortcut Schemes
 ANSI2UTF8 Convert old ANSI documents to UTF-8 9, 8, 7 13.05.2013
 Acronym Support for acronyms 9, 8, 7 13.05.2013
 Asymptote Support for the "Asymptote" tool 9, 8, 7 07.01.2015
 latexindent Support for the "latexindent" tool 9, 8, 7 30.11.2014
 BibTeX (bibMacros) Menu and set of macros to assist editing and managing BibTEX files 9, 8, 7, 5.3-5.6 02.05.2013
 Bookmarks Invisible Popup Menu to use WinEdt's bookmark feature. 5.3-5.6 13.03.2002
 CVS Menu containing the basic commands for using a CVS Version Control System 5.3-5.6 16.01.2003
 DocZoom Zoom your documents in and out 9, 8, 7 15.08.2014
 SVN Menu containing the basic commands for using a SVN Version Control System 5.5-5.6 12.05.2008
 French Complete French translation of WinEdt's Main and Popup menus. 7, 5.5 28.03.2012
 German Complete German translation of WinEdt 5.5's (Main and Popup) menus. 5.5 17.09.2007
 LaTeXify TeXify+Biber items 9, 8, 7 15.08.2014
 MathGreek Easy typing of "real" Greek letters 9, 8 13.10.2013
 Nomenclature Compile nomenclatures 9, 8, 7 11.06.2015
 RCS Integrate a Revision Control System into WinEdt 5.4-5.6 20.08.2006
 Russian Complete Russian translation of WinEdt 5.5's Main menus, many macros, dialogs and wizards, as well as the Tree and Gather pages. 5.5 10.03.2008
 Themes Highlighting themes in WinEdt 9 14.04.2015
 VerbatimPlus Support for verbatim-like environments 9, 8 14.08.2014
 arara Support for the "arara" tool 9, 8, 7 15.08.2014
 latexdiff Support for the "latexdiff" tool 9, 8, 7 02.09.2014
Graphical User Interface (GUI) additions
 IntQuotation Icons for German, English and French quotation marks in LaTEX 5.3-5.6 14.03.2010
 Xy-pic Adds a GUI Page providing access to Xy-pic commands. 5.3-5.4 31.08.2002
 feynMF GUI bitmaps for LaTeX package feynMF -- drawing of Feynman diagrams with METAFONT (MetaPost). 5.2-5.4 30.07.2003
Tree Interface additions
 Clean Tree Remove empty branches from the Tree 5.5-5.6 02.10.2009
 Floats Collect floats in Tree 9, 8, 7 15.05.2015
 To Do Keep track of things to do 9, 8, 7, 5.5-5.6 07.02.2015


Contributions of modes, menus or shortcut schemes are always welcome.
Actually, lives off the contributions (your contributions!)!

So, whenever you think that you have compiled a mode or a menu that could be useful to more people than just you, don't wait to submit it.

Read this, if you have decided to contribute or think about it.

Configuration Components