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The FAQ answers frequently asked questions concerning WinEdt.  


WinEdt Hacker's Guide [pdf;  KB] 

Syntax Highlighting in WinEdt [pdf;  KB] 
Although these two tutorials are a bit old they are still very helpful in guiding you into the world of macros and syntax highlighting.

Mailing List and More

A lot of useful information is exchanged, and a lot of problems are being solved, on WinEdt's Mailing List.

  • To subscribe, send an empty message to
    Make sure that the return address in your e-mail is correct.
    On subscribing you will be sent these instructions.
  • To unsubscribe, send an empty message to
    Do NOT send your request to the mailing list! This will have no effect except for annoying the subscribers.
    Also, do NOT send requests to anybody at!
  • To post a message to the list, address it to
    Please read these guidelines before posting to the WinEdt mailing list.

The mailing list can also be accessed through various interfaces at

The messages on WinEdt's Mailing List are archived at Yahoo! Groups.

Topics discussed on the Mailing List should concern WinEdt.
If you have a question related to TEX, LaTEX, PDFLaTEX, Ghostview, BibTEX etc. you should try obtaining help from one of these resources:

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