"I'd rather write programs to write programs than write programs."

The WinEdt Macro Library

The WinEdt Macro Library contains 70 macros or macro packages, which can automate tasks, and expand or enhance functionality.

It is organized in six directories:

  \ useful even if you don't edit anything at all (4 packages)
text\ useful for all kind of text editing (19 packages)
LaTeX\ for TEX/LaTEX authors (30 packages)
HTML\ for HTML/SGML authors (7 packages)
program\ for programmers (4 packages)
macro\ for WinEdt macro programmers (6 packages)

The installation instructions on these pages follow this structure. If you want to keep up with the Library, you should follow it, too.

If you don't know how to run or install macros, you should read this first.

You can also download the complete Macro Library as one zipped file [1014 KB; last modified: 26 Mar 2013] and unzip it in %b\Macros\. (%b is WinEdt's local directory.) Note that you still have to install the packages separately.

Should you encounter problems with a macro, please contact the author of the macro, or ask on the Mailing List.

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Would you like to contribute?

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Contributions of macros are always welcome.
Actually, The WinEdt Macro Library lives off the contributions (your contributions!)!

So, whenever you think that you have written a macro that could be useful to more people than just you, don't wait to submit it.

Read this, if you have decided to contribute or think about it.

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