WinEdt Dictionaries


WinEdt uses dictionaries to highlight misspelled words as they are being typed (optional) as well as for compilation of possible word completion(s) and the list of suggestions for misspelled words. WinEdt's Dictionary manager allows users to configure WinEdt for more than one dictionary. Environments that should not be subject to spell checking can be excluded...

You can find all the available dictionaries in the new site.

External spell checkers

Since WinEdt can interface to any application, it is also possible to use an external spell checker with WinEdt.


Hspell is a free Hebrew spell checker. In addition, the project has also produced a Hebrew morphological analyzer, which for every valid Hebrew word lists all of its possible readings (valid combinations of prefix and inflected base word).

The project's site is at, where it can also be downloaded. Hspell requires a cygwin system.


New contributions are welcome! If you've compiled a word list that is currently not available and you would like to share it with others, you can upload it to and let me know:

Corrections or additions for existing dictionaries should be directed to the respective maintainer.